Tuesday Night Music Club

A Music Club Like No Other

Individual Artists and Band Members Rejoice!

Are you ready for what could be your most important decission ever? Then you will look forward to Dan’s “Tuesday Night Music Club”. Come January 2013 Dan will be hosting workshops and Master Class sessions geared towards music recording artists and band personnel. Learn firsthand of what goes on behind the music industry door. Get direct access to the front line, and his contacts.

Need to know how to make your mark in the music scene? Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime! Musicians and recording artists will have chance to benefit from Dan’s several years of experience working at the highest level in the music industry both in Canada and Internationally. Learn about the invaluable knowledge he gained and the productive relationships he formed. Learn how you can do the same through 26 preplanned bi-weekly sessions.

Learn how to make a professional career in the music business through ten’s of thousands of dollars worth of information about the industry without spending anywhere near that much.

What’s in Store?

The Tuesday Night Music Club will give you the inside scoop in the form of several exclusive topics that will help you gain insight into the workings of the music industry. Some of the many topics up for discussion will include Introduction to the Music
Industry, Artist Development, Artist Management, Fan Base Management and Building, Intellectual Property, New Business Models, Band Agreements and Inter Band relations, Self Management and Making Money, Collection Societies, Getting
paid for Performing on Sound Recordings, Independent Labels, SOCAN and Neighboring Rights and the Live Music Industry.

1. Booking Shows and Tours

The sessions will also cover a Booking Shows and Tours segment which will discuss topics like Large Scale Productions, Working with Agents, Promoting Shows and Tours, Tour Management, Large Scale Production Touring, Merchandising, The Recording Industry, Negotiating Licensing Agreements Establishing & Developing a Record Label, , Music Marketing, Product Manufacture& Distribution, Press & Promotion, Sound Recordings in TV, Film, Advertising, Games & Corporate as well as several other topics.

2. Publishing and Music Videos

Ever wish you were in a music video but did not know how to navigate through the proper channels to get your face onscreen. Sessions based around this area will include Music Publishing, Production & Use and Music Publishing.

And that’s not all. Dan will also host sessions that are geared towards how artists can work through Self Publishing and administrative issues. Topics up for discussion in this session will include Advertising, Games and Corporate Production, Film,
Television and a whole lot more.

What are you Waiting for?

That recording contract will not come to you by itself. Don’t miss this chance to get you several steps closer to recording, distribution or marketing your own album. Dan’s 26 Master Classes will be available on a “pay as you go” bases for
a mere $10.00 per class.

Attend all 26 Master Classes!

Visitors who want to attend all of the Master classes are in luck. Grab a deal for a “Tuesday Night Music Club” membership by paying an advance special rate of $150.00. That is a huge difference of the $110 off the weekly P-A-Y-G rate. Gain exclusive access into all 26 Master Classes and find out the little known secrets of the music industry all at once without having to pay extra for individual classes. In fact you can have access to his teachings for less then a $1.00 an hour. Let him iImprove your chances for success, and inprove your musical business acumen to unfathomable and professional levels, super fast.

More Benefits

Not only will a one-time membership to the “Tuesday Night Music Club” get you through every Master class with a single fee it will also entitle you to the following additional benefits –

An Advanced Purchased Membership can be used by any of you band members or friends for any classes that you are unable to attend

Advanced Purchased Members will also be entitled to exclusive a 60 minute one-on-one session with Dan himself scheduled at mutually convenient times. Take this chance to question Dan about your specific goals and projects.

There is no Business like Show Business

Will you be Joining Dan? If the answer to that question is a resounding yes then you will be several of the lucky ones with front row seats to everything that will help your musical aspirations soar and stay there. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one someone who’s be there, and has been considered of the best in the business.

Tuesday Night Music Club – 2013 Annual Membership
26 Music Master Classes delivered throughout 2013.

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